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  • Hi Ron, I've been listening to your radio station all week long while I am working. You are playing so many oldies that I have not heard in a long time. The local oldies stations here and around Columbus do not play soft rock from the 60's and 70's which I prefer. Just want to let you know that I am really enjoying listening to it all day. Take care, Susan Smith, Columbus, Ohio
  • I am a graduate of Laurel Valley class of 67, the last year before we merged with Ligonier. My wife and I love listening to your station playing all the great songs of my youth. We now live down here in Venice, Fl. It brings back great memories of Harry’s Danceland in Latrobe, The Red Rooster in Greensburg, The Cage in Richland, and the Sunday night dances at Ligonier Beach. Keep up the good work.
    We love the web cam on the Diamond so we can see how things look back home. Hoping to see someone we know in the future walk by. We will continue watching and listening. -Bill Peach
  • I enjoy your web cast very much I was raised in Derry and listening to your radio keeps me up to date with what is happening there.  The music was what I was raised on at “Harrys Danceland ( The Rink)“ in Latrobe.  Keep up the great work.  I am now in Tulsa Okla. but listen often.—Lee Rubino
  • My wife and I heard about Ligonier by one of my regular riders. I drive the trolley to Media, PA. She has relatives there we are planning a visit there soon. As I did research on the town, I discovered a beautiful town, and even better, a fantastic radio station! I love your music. It truly makes you feel you are in 'Hometown USA," a town time forgot. I am very impressed with your station. It is always playing, via online, in my house.—Chris McCullough, Upper Darby, PA (right outside of Phily)
  • Thank you for all you do to keep people aware of what is going on in the Ligonier Valley—Rachel Roehrig, Ligonier Chamber of Commerce
  • I HAVE to tell you that I truly appreciate the tunes you play. Nobody knows how a song or group of songs affects someone, and I am just touched by what I'm hearing! You are bringing back memories of some really great and special times in my life. Keep up the GREAT work! I mentioned Ligonier Radio on my Facebook page too. I LOVE what you're doing ...
  • Thanks for the great songs ... I'm listening near Chicago! Your station is much better than the local stuff.
  • We're really happy to have radio station in town!
  • I stumbled across your part 15 station purely by accident. But what a great idea in the perfect town to do it it. I salute you. Really enjoying the station and your website.
  • The site is quite fun as it portrays the best of small town America. Love the old photos. I shall check it out regularly---and listen to the music. Good going from NYC!
  • I listen everyday! You're doing a wonderful job. What a great service for
    the community.
  • What a great program you have. My roots are deep in Ligonier and I used to visit family as often as time allowed me until moving to Georgia 18 years ago. Keep the tunes coming. Not only do they bring back memories of my childhood but also of visiting my ancestral home.
  • I just wanted to say GREAT JOB! SO happy we have this now. I wanted
    this for awhile YAY! I'm listening to you guys and jamming away.
  • Would like to say that this is the first time that I have gotten a tune in to listen. My husband and I moved away at the end of '99 along with my parents in 2000 to Saint Marys, Ga. We will enjoy listening to what all is going on in our home town. We wish you all the best!
  • I read about The Valley AM 1620 in The Ligonier Echo a few weeks ago and was excited to see Ligonier has great new radio station! By chance, met someone who was recording greetings at Jioio═s on Main Street and got to make a greeting of my own. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope you prosper.
  • I am painting in a new home and have you on all day long via the web. You are doing a great job. One more thing to love about our beautiful valley.
  • Heard "Where The Boys Are" by Connie Francis today on your station and it made me VERY nostalgic about the vacations my family took when I was a kid.
  • What a kick! I am a 1962 Ligonier High School graduate (we are having our 45th reunion this weekend) and never thought there would be a radio station in Ligonier much less one with and internet connection. You can be sure I'll be online often. I hope all goes well.
  • I'm a pilot (originally from Greensburg, PA) flying in Cologne, Germany and checked out your web site. It sounds great! Flyin' to Paris for 24 then coming home to the states. I am originally from Ligonier. I moved away when I joined the military 25 years ago. I now live in a small community similar to Ligonier in the Adrorndack Mountains in Northern New York. I come back to visit relatives once or twice a year. My Dad sent me the link to your radio stream. It's great to listen to news and events of the Valley. Good luck and I wish you the very best on your station growth.
  • Enjoying your music up here in the "other" Valley ... Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Keep up the good work!
  • Just found out about the radio station. Great idea and thank god somebody might actually play some real oldies. It seems like a lot of oldies stations are turning into adult pop stations.
  • I've been listening for a few days now and I like the selections. I tune in at work and home. Old music never just gets better with age. Thanks for adding another fine asset to our community. Keep up the good work.
  • I'm listening from Victoria, B.C., Canada. This is very cool.
  • I tuned in about half an hour ago and have been listening from the south end of San Francisco Bay. The station sounds great! Keep up the good work.

Enjoy some classic music for a classic American Town!


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